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Scout Explorer Ambassador
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OEKO-TEX certification
Sustainable and
reusable packaging
1-day lead time
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Free shipping in the EU  ✓
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description (ENG)
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from first full range order
Payment accomodations 14 days over 5000 EUR turnover 30 days over 5000 EUR turnover
DISCOUNT 52% 58% 63%



The simplest way to include the Duftin brand in your product range! You are provided with easy access to our collection with a simple order process where you can freely select products with the lowest order requirement possible. All of this, with high quality products in a clever and eco-friendly packaging that will stand out in your store. We ask you for prepayment on your order but in exchange, we offer a one-day lead-time and with Ex Works arrangement, the delivery process is completely in your control. We are also supporting your marketing efforts with high quality media content as well as a short product description.

This package is for your enterprising, flexible online or offline retail company and it is a great choice for you if you are hungry for new opportunities and want to expand your portfolio with European-made, top-quality products without risks.


You automatically enter this level with a 5000 EUR turnover and here, we offer the same simplicity and easy access that is characteristic to the Scout level but with higher discounts and more marketing support! The same high quality products made of OEKO-TEX certified materials and in an equally sustainable packaging that is also reusable. You get to choose from our bestseller products with no MOQ and fast shipping with Ex Works arrangement. However, as an Explorer you can get free delivery throughout the EU with orders over 1000 EUR in value. We ask for payment up front with your first order but if you extend your partnership with us, we will give you a 14-day window payment. Regarding marketing support, we provide the same high quality content with ready to use, detailed and comprehensive product descriptions that will aid you towards a plug ‘n’ play style online listing experience.

If you are an established online or offline retailer with a strong capital, capable of warehousing, and able to handle higher volume orders for higher discounts this package is for you! We offer a risk-free chance to broaden your portfolio with European-made, top-quality products.


This exclusive partnership level offers the same benefits as the previous two, except it offers a higher discount rate and so much more! However, as a brand ambassador you would play a more important role in representing our brand and as such, we value your co-operation. You’ll get the same high quality, OKE-TEX certified products in their sustainable and reusable packaging however, you will carry our full range of products. We carefully chose the finest, most favorable designs and products and put them in this  collection for your convenience and success. You will add any new products we launch to your order but we give you exclusive priority on the latest listings so you can start selling them even before we do! You will get the same MOQ and the same off-the-shelf lead-time with Ex Works arrangements, free delivery to the EU over 1000 EUR purchase and as an extra feature, we offer dropshipping in the EU over a 5000 EUR turnover. Meaning we will ship your customers’ orders directly to their address! To support your marketing efforts – on top of product pictures and descriptions -, we give you prepared social media content that gives you the opportunity to actively represent your new product portfolio on your social media sites. We’ll ask you to pre-pay your first orders but after a 5000 EUR turnover you get a 30-day window and as a  special offer we grant a 5% added discount from your first full-range order.

This offer is suitable to your needs if you are an established retailer with warehousing capabilities and with a well-oiled marketing strategy as well as a clear vision for strengthening your company image by  representing a European premium brand and its full product range.