DIY Needlework

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DIY Needlwork

Embroidery and needlecraft in general has a long history that grew together with civilization and
culture. Decorating fabric and other materials using needle and thread has always had a strong presence in textile crafts and hobbies. Due to the detailed nature of this activity, it requires more patience and persistence than other crafts.

But there are many benefits of making needlecraft widely available to the consumer:

  • boosts creativity
  • improves brain functions
  • satisfying & rewarding activity
  • gives you confidence
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • motivating
  • inspiring

Stamped Embroidery

DIY Needlwork - Stamped embroidery

We offer a wide variation of embroidery techniques to ensure that each project provides much fun and
enjoyment. Design colors are hand selected by our creative team, who also focus on working with various yarn types and materials.

Our stamped embroidery kits are all hand-printed in our screen printing department with meticulous care for details.

Each pattern is designed with attentiveness in our studio to give the most pleasurable stitching experience.

Outlines are drawn by hand to comply with the different stitching techniques and the resulting design is printed on film with high quality equipment.

The knowledge and experience we gathered the past decades allow us to offer printed embroidery kits on many different fabrics and product types. We
offer kits to beginner and highly advanced embroiderers alike with a great variety of patterns whether your customers look for traditional or modern style designs.

Stamped Cross-Stitch

DIY Needlwork - Stamped cross stitch

Printed or stamped cross-stitch combines the best of two worlds: the relaxing, geometric nature of stitching and the easy-to-follow printed pattern on the fabric. Cross-stitches and backstitches are used to decorate many different items. Traditional table toppers and runners, cushions and framed
pictures but we aim to create little projects as well for entry-level stitchers, such as small bags or kitchen towels.

Our talented team of in house designers work by using hand drawings and specialized computer programs for cross-stitch designs. In addition, we collaborate with freelance designers to complete our collection.

Working closely with our partners, we are able to develop custom designs quickly and plan collections together for upcoming seasonal trends. This technique is for those cross-stitch enthusiasts who like to work with softer fabrics and want to focus on filling it with stitches rather than counting the pattern.

Counted Cross-Stitch

DIY Needlwork - Counted cross stitch

For counted cross-stitch we use beautiful evenweave linen fabrics, high quality aida and noble damask fabrics with aida inlays or borders. With this technique you use a colorful printed pattern with instructions that offer clear guidance to help you navigate through the project.

It is so rewarding to watch the design come to life on the fabric, like painting with a needle! Our Mouliné is labeled with numbers, which helps you to locate the right colors with ease. We create a wide range of products in many different styles for this stitching technique; from simple smaller projects to table toppers with a large stitching area. We cater to customers who are fond of traditional designs as well as young enthusiasts who prefer modern style patterns.

Punch Needle

DIY Needlwork - Punch needle

Punch needle is a special embroidery technique that is becoming increasingly popular among needlecraft
enthusiasts. You need a specific needle for this technique with which you pierce or ‘punch’ through the fabric and as you pull the needle back it leaves a loop of thread on the other side. This way you are able to create a fluffy effect on one side and a smooth, flat effect on the other. Due to the simplicity of this technique, it is especially great for beginners and can be a fun project for older kids as well.


DIY Needlwork - Macrame

Our range also includes macrame kits with innovative and creative patterns for fans of this versatile fiber art. Macrame is a creative knotting technique that can be used to create a number of decorative items from wall hangings, to pillowcases and plant hangers. As always, we only work with the best materials to offer a positive craft experience for the consumer. Macrame is living its renaissance thanks to the modern bohemian style interior design and home decor trends, which makes it a desirable option for crafters
and decorators alike!

• Needlepoint
• Longstitch

To complement our standard range and to address special customer needs, we include long stitch and needlepoint embroidery designs in our collection. We work with our in house designers as well as freelance partners to constantly evolve and present our clients with unique products.

Needlepoint is made with half cross stitches on a color printed canvas, where beautiful scenes, portraits and still life illustrations become alive and real. It is a common and well-known item among needlework products. It is stitched both with Mouliné or tapestry wool depending on the traditions of the given cultural era.

Long stitch is created mostly with straight horizontal and vertical lines on a single thread canvas, on which we print exact outlines and contours.

Stitching with this technique is straightforward, so we often add small cute designs for children in our collection using this method as an inspiration to enter the marvelous world of needlework. The kits all include high quality 100% tapestry wool.